The Most Important Thing

For last 3 months, I have been learning skill and personality development in a fellowship. Its about to end and I have been thinking that what was the most important thing that I learned from it. There was many things of course, like I improved my writing, listening, communication, gestures, teamwork, leadership and many other lifelong lessons. But I was looking for one thing that is on top. It took some time. I focused and finally the one lesson I locked on, the lesson which I think is greatest, if we get that, we can learn others things without any problem but without that its impossible to do anything. That lesson is “Positive Thinking”.

When you see positive in everything, even in difficult times, you never lose hope and that’s the most important thing. Having courage to face challenges. Never give up. Take something from your win and get even more from your loss. When you think that failing also teaches you many things. That’s when you get closer to real success.

“We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorns have roses.” (Alphonse kar)

Positive Thinking can transform not only people but societies and even countries. When you see people sitting on tea stall and taking about how corruption is decomposing the country, just tell them to go do some work that will strengthen the country. Don’t waste time on frustration and blaming others, be the change. Do productive work. If you go into an interview with a negative viewpoint, you’re more likely to perform bad and fail to exactly represent yourself. Keep your head high and keep a positive mind and you will be even more prepared for that interview.

From now on, for the rest of my life, I am going to think good. because how can i live a positive life with negative mindset. So, every time i would do something, I will put my whole effort in it, stand up for myself and find good even in failures.

Everyone deal with problems in their life but it is important to keep your eyes on your goal and get good stuff or experience from problems and hard time. Hardworking and positive thinking will guide you toward great success.