Being good to people works. It really does!

Whether it is a waiter at the restaurant, a guy at petrol pump, your university professor or any person you meet at a coffee shop, everyone loves to be treated good. And you as well. Start your conversation with good words. It may be Assalam o Alaikum, Good day, you are looking good today, or whatever sounds good to you when people say it. Be polite. Don’t shout when they do something you do not like. Don’t tell anyone how important you are. Never threaten anyone that you can get them fired. Help others even if it is just by offering water. Never drive fast just to show that your car can run and other’s can’t. Don’t order, rather request. Smile. Ask about their families and work. Appreciate and have empathy. Do it all and do it always.

Your life will change. You will have unlimited pleasure of satisfaction and happiness. And people will do things for you which you cant even imagine. Sweet tongue is the strongest currency in the world. Use it often!:)