Phuket + Huawei P8 Lite

How awesome it is to be able to put wallpaper which was captured by you using your mobile phone?

I am experiencing that awesomeness with Huawei P8 Lite. I got this phone around 2 months back and have been using it extensively for almost everything.

Last week, I was at Phuket, Thailand for my company’s global work party where I was able to explore the beauty of this 13 MP Camera.

Below are some of the pictures without any filter, taken from my phone on different occasions there. Those of sunset are my favorites.

I took the above pictures of the sunset with the gap of almost 5 minutes. Of course, the real scene was much more beautiful and pictures do not justify even 1% of what I’ve seen but I must say the way this camera has captured all those colors with such minute details is quite amazing.

This heavenly beautiful view was from the deck of the Villa where we stayed for 12 days. These pictures speak for themselves. Colors, details and clarity are just exceptional. P8 Lite’s camera also provides a feature of all focus; in which one can focus on any object after snapping the picture as well. I frequently use this feature when there are so many objects present in the view.

These above pictures are from famous Phi Phi Islands which is no less than heaven on earth. It was a bit foggy and cloudy when we went to Phi Phi Island, so the light was not that good but to my surprise, the quality of pictures was not messed at all. Camera perfectly captured the colors of water, mountains and trees.

And this was when I was bidding farewell to Phuket. It was almost 6:30 pm, all of my team had left and I was standing alone on the deck with this view in front of me and memories of those two weeks we had spent together. I am glad I captured this picture as it perfectly portrays how I was feeling at that moment.

I have been using Huawei for almost an year now(P8 lite for 2 months, and Honor 3C before that) and have become a fan of its performance, camera and user experience. I know there are better cameras available on different mobile phones but there is no way you can get this much awesome results in a phone that costs just $250.