Every great achiever is inspired by a mentor

Mentor, adviser, guide, teacher, trainer and instructor these all are used for a person who enlightens you with the light of knowledge and gives you his/her experience. Experience that comes after a lot of hard work and after facing many problems, that makes it very precious.

Mentorship is a relationship that requires at least two persons, one with a fire in heart to learn something and other one with skill, knowledge, experience and willingness to teach or deliver his/her knowledge. If a mentor does not want to share his/her knowledge he/she cannot achieve the status of ideal in the sight of his/her student. But thinking like this about any mentor is very negative a one should keep these kind of thoughts out of the equation as mentorship is very noble as our religion Islam gives a great importance to the teacher.

According to Hazrat Ali (ALLAH be pleased with him):

“He, who taught me a single word; he is my teacher”

Mentorship is a relation of respect and honor, that a student gives his/her mentor and this respect is just not in word the actions of a true student reflects the respect and honor which he/she have in his/her heart for his/her mentor. Every word that student speaks tells about the knowledge and training he/she is getting from his/her mentor. If your mentor himself/herself is a great personality then it mean there is a good chance that you can be great too but now it depends upon you, how you use that light to find your way ahead. As it is said that “a sound body can have a sound mind” similarly a great mentor can make great persons and even generations. Like our national heroes Allama Iqbal and Quid-e-Azam, we see their character ironic and find them best personalities, they too got great mentors of their time. So it is clear that if you want to be great you should have a fire in your heart to learn something, to do something and you should have a great mentor that can make barren land of your mind productive with the stream of skill, knowledge and experience so that you can rise and shine like a star and make your way in this world.

First Mentor of my life, is my parents