Responsive Web Design

Your Website Needs to be Optimised Brilliantly for Mobile

The single most important investment in your new website will be the addition of ‘responsive’ design. Put simply, this means that your website will change in appearance depending on the device that is viewing your website. The content stays the same but the layout changes so that the user experience is great no matter what size device screen is being used.

Don’t make your users pinch and zoom to find the content that you need them to see in order to complete key goals on your site. Benefit from increased traffic when Google ranks your website more highly because it’s optimised for all mobile devices.

Get greater conversion rates as users stay longer on your website.

Look around you. You are witnessing a mobile revolution — is your business ready to take advantage?

How Responsive Websites Work

Our boffins would be happy to spend hours chatting to you about how to best make your website work on multiple device sizes. The non-technical explanation would be that the website is coded so that it recognises — and then responds to — the visiting device type. The website then adapts its display depending on the screen size so that the content is displayed in the most optimal way.

For the smallest devices (smartphones), this means bringing content into a single column. It can also mean resizing or even hiding images depending on what your priorities are.

Key Advantages

  • Creates a wonderful user experience leading to your visitors staying longer and thus making them more likely to ‘convert’
  • Responsive design eliminates issues with duplicate content which often happens when there is a separate mobile version of the site
  • Improve your Google rankings — especially on mobile search
  • Create better landing pages for mobile pay-per-click advertising campaigns
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