Two Roads

Two roads parallel to each other, divided by a stream of consciousness and
from the other side I see my desires.
We both walk along our paths and smile to one another,

For every step I make you laughed because I walked weirdly
but what you don’t see are my shadows of many as I walked to hide dearly.

I look ahead and I see a bridge to cross over,

I shouted: would you like to meet at the bridge ahead;

You smiled and said yes.

I saw you, beautiful, smiling at me,
I tried hiding my shadows but as we stepped on opposite ends of this bridge,
my admiration turned into fear,
still we moved closer and closer till we finally met at the center.

you looked down and noticed an army of shadows
fighting beneath me, it was war.
I looked down and I found the same.

you looked up and you smiled.
And at that moment there was a cease fire below me
I replied with a smile and there was a cease fire below you.

Both side of the war stared at each other 
and both side of our war exchanged a helping hand to fight against our worst fear.
and at the center of this bridge we wished for the stars to cover up this beautiful sky and so our shadows live to fight another day.