The end of Brexit is nigh

A very boring take

You have probably read enough about the referendum taking place in UK to decide if they wanna continue being a member state of European Union or if they want to go their own way, or as we know it, Brexit referendum.

As much as it seems to be, Brexit is not an entirely right-wing issue. A mere one year ago, Owen Jones was suggesting that the Left should campaign for leaving EU. Leftist line of reason can go many ways, but a prominent one would be the disastrous decisions Brussels and Berlin unleashed upon Greece, and EU’s inherent blocking of big changes. Apparently facing the extreme-right people of UKIP and Conservative clowns like The Boris™ has caused them to stand with EU this time around. It was surprising, and it’s likely that they will regret it soon. The Right has many convincing arguments in favor of Brexit, but again the internal rivalries of Conservative Party and Leave leaders like Boris Johnson has made it look like that the Right has nothing but xenophobia and anti-immigration propaganda. A very simple argument could have been lack of democracy in EU comission and the fact that a giant like UK has to bow to politicians whose leadership experience has been limited to institutions not comparable to the huge machination that is the European Union. Case in point: Current Commission’s President Jean-Claude Juncker, ex-Prime Minister of Luxembourg.

Just like every other poll, many flawed and fallacious arguments have been flying around in support of the possible options, and there are going to be enshrined as common sense, thanks to the power of the media. A good exapmle for that would be the much repeated statement that EU has been responsible for creating the much lauded 70-year old peace in Europe(or to be more exact, Western Europe). Nope. It’s been NATO and nuclear weapons of the US, France, and the UK itself that have created the longest period of uninterrupted peace in the history of modern Western Europe. To this day, European Union lacks such a capability due to much different national inclinations of its member states, especially the UK.

The domestic issues in UK should not be a matter of concern for non-UK citizens. The UK has grown for years with or without European Union, and can continue that path with or without European Union. On the other hand, EU needs to undergo some changes in order to continue the project and survive the crises that are here and will continue to arrive at its doorsteps. What EU needs is more unity and closer ties, but as history has shown us time and time again, until the day that the UK is a member of European Union, this will not be achieved. The biggest mistake European Union has ever committed was to expand before consolidating the fragile integration between its member states. Closer integration can be achieved much easier and much faster with Britain( and maybe a few others) leaving the EU. The non-UK pro-EU parties and figures should in fact support the UK leaving the EU. Sure, European Union and its poorer member states will lose the amount of money UK has to provide, but closer integration and revival of the dream of United States of Europe is going to be worth it.

Prediction: Remain side will win with 53–54% of the vote.

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