Five Habits of Highly Successful Bloggers


Blogging is not the matter of profession and money for many people, but its matter of passion and determination for successful people. According to Harsh Agrawal,”It is the long journey which takes to a glory of success by turning dreams into reality in an incredible way”. When people start blogging then they think that it will change their lives over the night by turning a blog into money making machine, but it is not the right path and right approach. There are many people who start the blog from the single room and the single computer, but now they’ve chosen to blog as a full-time profession because they take blogging as passion.The success story of shoutmeloud is a testimonial of this approach and live example of the success of this strategy.I see many people who quit blogging after some time because they think it is not possible to earn dollars in two or three days, but you should not follow these people. These kind of people have made blogging completely commercial entity,

but according to successful bloggers it is more than money.

You see successful bloggers, but you should see these five habits of highly successful bloggers.

#1: They think beyond the basket

The founder of ProBlogger, Darren Rowse

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is the man of inspiration for all newcomers, but he did not become an inspiration for bloggers in few days. According to Darren “ When I started ProBlogger then I was of the view to initiate life changing and game changing blog for all bloggers by innovating smart and unique ideas which were not being implemented before it”. You should think beyond the basket of your ideas by implementing new ideas. It is the first habit of highly successful bloggers because every successful blog was unique idea and masterpiece of creativity of human brain. you should articulate your blog by thinking in this way otherwise you’ll become part of the junk instead of becoming a successful blogger

#2: They are very consistent people

If you think blogging is not time taking process then you think in the wrong direction. You must follow a consistent and planned routine. You need to work on your blog on a daily basis and produce unique and quality content. If you feel that you can become part of the list of successful bloggers by working for few hours in the week by not following any planned strategy then you should quit blogging today.Harsh Agrawal is a depiction of ideology who follows some routine and work with utmost passion to update his blog on daily basis. Consistency matters a lot, but consistency in blogging is an essential and fundamental unit of life of highly successful bloggers.

#3: They are hard working people

The maxim if you work hard then you achieve your goals is commonly used in our daily life. But in case of blogging it has extreme importance and vital long-term implications. You not only need to work hard, but you need to work extremely hard. You have to chase success between competitions of billions of blogs, so it is valuable advice to make hardworking an important perk of your personality. I am not the first person to give this advice, but successful bloggers uplifted this habit in their journey towards clouds of success.

#4: More Investment gives more profit

This is very simple formula more investment gives more profit and profit is directly proportional to investment. This investment doesn’t mean only to invest money, but it also means investing time and effort along with money. When I started as first helping website for non-native writers, I invested money, time, effort, skills and creativity otherwise this all would have been part of the only garbage. India is the epic centre of successful bloggers and Harsh Agrawal is the great example of them, But He invested his valuable time, dedication and money while initiating and have been doing this still without any interval. This habit must be taken as serious if you want to become part of a community of highly successful bloggers.

5# Blogging is unpredictable

Yes, I still say Blogging is unpredictable because you don’t know the day when you becomes the successful blogger.You’ve no idea about factors and circumstances which make you successful blogger.You’re unaware of time required to bringing you in the line of successful bloggers.You must focus on aims and goals in order to become the successful blogger and calling blogging as the unpredictable thing is the habit of all successful bloggers.You need to see all these habits in yourself and if you get failed to find these habits in your personality then you should try hard to develop them. Otherwise, There is a very short list of successful bloggers and an infinite list of unsuccessful bloggers.It depends upon you where you want to stand after sometime