Part 1: Creating a portfolio, resume; searching and applying for the right job

This post is for:

  1. Designers moving up the ladder in their career,
  2. Design students searching for jobs, and
  3. Graphic designers/architects/or people from other industries (CS, psychology, literature, etc.) searching for a job in IxD/UX/Product design

Let’s get started…

1. What matters to you and what matters to the company?

Your dream job is the intersection of your and the company’s needs

What matters to you?

The very first step is to figure out what matters to you the most while looking for a job. What is your story?

  • What are your strengths as a UX designer: visual design? prototyping? product thinking? storytelling? research?
  • What type of job are you most interested in? Working in large tech firms, startups, design agencies, etc.
  • Which field(s) matter to you the…

‘X-Air’ — You handle the business, we handle the travel



Our client, Consolidated Air® to start navigating their competitive advantage by utilizing new technologies such as AI, ML and blockchain among others for Business Class Travelers. They want to provide the best air travel experience through excellent interaction design. They reached out to us, Aura design team, to implement Enhanced Interaction Experience Initiative (EIEI).

About Consolidated Air®

Consolidated Air® has become the fastest growing air conglomerate in the 21st century due to their extraordinary business acumen, technical chops and big brains . They have already improved and streamlined everything possible via spreadsheet, technical planning and computer code.

Team: ‘Aura Design’ (5 members)

My Role:

Secondary Research, sketch Ideation and…

Guide and resources for first time interaction designers

Learning new stuff is tough. But Interaction design is, rather, exciting!

Are you transitioning from visual design, psychology or computer science or any other field (chemical engineering in my case) into Interaction design (IxD), UX or HCI? Then this post is for you. If your title is UX designer and you are still working on UI designs, this is for you too. I will touch base on various aspects which are close to IxD field. So let’s get started.

1. Understanding the basics -what is Interaction Design?

Interaction Design (IxD) defines the structure and behavior of interactive systems. Interaction Designers strive to create meaningful relationships between people and…

Piggy case study: an app that helps save money


Help people save more money.


Piggy is an app that helps save more money by behavioral change

My Role (Solo project)

Primary & Secondary Research, behavioral analysis, wireframes, visual design, prototyping in Framer JS (coffee-script/Javascript), usertesting

What I learned

  1. Framer is an amazing tool for prototyping real interactions
  2. Savings automation can surely help solve the problem of saving money to some extant, but it doesn’t help change the behavior of a person.
  3. Behavior is changed over time with practice when enough “learning” is induced into the experience. We can make it happen with right “triggers” and rewards at the right time.

Here is the design process…


Case Study: UI and usertesting practice for Bart kiosk

Problem Statement

Redesign the User Interface (UI) for the BART Kiosk. The design should respond to insights and opportunities identified in the field.

It was a quick UI redesign practice done by the team of two.

My Role

Interviews, User interface design, usertesting

Full Report


Note: This is only a UI & Usertesting project, hence the research was quick and dirty. And may/will be skewed.

The research (secondary, interviews — undercover agent) was quick and dirty. We pretended to be lost tourists, confused about how to use the machine. People were friendly and offered to help. …

Case study: iLock — Smart lock that opens with facial recognition

Demo Video


iLock is a smart door lock service that helps user keep their home safe, while facilitating with the ease of interacting people at the doorstep.

The lock comes with a smart door bell which works with facial recognition. It can also be operated remotely using the app. It has two-factor authentication to keep home more secure. The lock predicts behaviors of people entering home and give access recommendations.

Team: It’s a solo project.

NOTE: This is only a prototype that I created using Arduino, motor, sensors etc. …

Source: Unsplash

Quick and dirty design-thinking exercise (~6hrs) on innovation for built-in (OEM) camera based on existing technologies; & its business model

Photo by Toby Wong on Unsplash

Planning Indian Railway (IRCTC) circular journey should be less of a hassle

Problem Statement

Design an application for booking Indian Railways Circular Journeytickets.


Indian Railways provides the facility of booking Circular Journey Tickets (for pilgrimage, sightseeing etc.). These tickets offer travel flexibility, as they are issued for all journeys (other than regular routes), which begin and complete at the same station. Circular journey tickets can be purchased for all classes of travel.

Circular Journey comprises the following: (Includes assumptions)

  • There are fixed number of circular journey routes. That is a traveler cannot define their own routes, but have to choose one out of these fixed set of routes.
  • If passengers do not wish…

It was a part of UX designers’ job to minimalize the interface and information and assist the user to perform the needed task in the minimum time. But today, user doesn’t have to look for the content but simply ask a chatbot which replies instantaneously. So, looking into the coming era of IPA’s (Intelligent Personal assistant), chatbots etc. where interface problems, like finding relevant information, are solved by magical combination of voice and conversational interface, it seems UXD will lose its purpose in the industry.

Well, of course this is bullshit! But surely IPAs and chatbots and other upcoming technologies do have their impact on UXD just like in the past, every other technological advancement had on design trend.

Success of messaging apps! (Conversational UI)

Things are changing quite rapidly in tech world. As messaging apps started to become a platform where users spend most of their time; tech and design world started to make a revolutionary change. In 2013, by the time LINE’s revenue was hiked to $338 million, messaging apps had evolved themselves into a platform for EVERYTHING. …

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