UX Projects

For the past 5 years, I have been diligently pursuing user experience design and worked on many projects at Monotype, Commonfloor and as a freelancer…

1. Catalog.monotype.com Portal Redesign

Redesigned the portal of requesting fonts for OEM and ISV clients online. Clients: Google, Apple, Sony etc.

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2. Map based property search

The project is based on map based visual search for buying/renting apartments rather than typical list based search.

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3. Swyft Asset Management Software (SAMS) — UX

Created the interface design of SAMS that allows Brand users (monotype clients) and Monotype Admin users to manage, create and publish products to our various partner apps (Kik, Tango etc.). The interface also includes the analytics and engagement of the products. Clients: Universal Studios, NFL, Backstreet Boys, Baltimore Ravens, UCLA etc.

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4. Font Galaxy — UX for Indesign Plugin

The plugin for Font galaxy software to let designers explore fonts on the basis of similarity. Also, the plugin provides much easier way of applying opentype features in Indesign.

Demo of Font Galaxy plugin in Adobe Indesign

5. Swyft Sticker Apps

Peanuts (Snoopy & Friends) branded Swyft app 
Swyft sticker app for iMessage

All live apps can be found on Swyft appstore:

6. Cleopatra — Demo app for custom themes service for Samsung devices

This is a concept design/prototype that Monotype presented to our client Samsung. Cleopatra is a demo app that allows users to customise and personalise their wallpapers, fonts, keyboards and app icons in one click.

7. Task management app for brokers

In my intern at Commonfloor, I envisioned & prototyped “Turbo Agent” app, for Brokers to manage their businesses and tasks.

Workflow of the app

8. Swyftmedia.com redesign