Flipfont is a service that comes built-in Samsung devices using which user can change the system font of their smart phones. 

Partner: Samsung

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Team: Vivek Vaddakkuppattu, Evan Scronce, Sohaj Singh Brar, Saikat Modak, Bryan Comeau

Problem with existing solution:

Being tightly integrated into the settings of Samsung devices, it was difficult to search and change fonts. Even though it is still used by huge number of users and generates good revenue, Monotype wished to have its own FlipFont app that comes preinstalled in Samsung devices to avoid poor search and increase the revenue even further by making the app as a platform for third party designers, who can upload their own fonts and earn money with every purchase.

Version 1

For the app to feel more native to the system, we kept the design simple and generic to android.

What we learned

After demonstrating the same to the stakeholders, we learned that keeping it generic will decrease the desirability of the app. As the task of changing font in itself is a dull process. Therefore, we put our efforts to make it more alive and playful.

Final Designs

A gamified built-in mobile app for SAMSUNG devices (smart phones) to change system font. The FlipFont app makes it easy, and fun to explore new FlipFont fonts, purchase FlipFont fonts, and manage FlipFont fonts you have already purchased.

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Design walkthrough video

Design walkthrough


Change theme to view font in different modes
a) Search font categories or search textually b) Installed fonts section c) View font preview before downloading




What we learned after usertesting:

  1. Browsing fonts: 
    a) Difficult to find different categories of fonts
    b) Difficult to figure out if I have filtered the search results
    c) No way to determine how many fonts in the wheel and where is the user in that state.
    d) Show font details that helps in deciding whether to buy or not
  2. Font Preview: 
    a) Finding the font preview isn’t intuitive
    b) No way of changing text in font preview
  3. Font installation: 
    a) Install font button is confusing

Feedback Implementation

Onboarding guide

Browsing fonts

Added a home page that shows different categories of fonts before entering the slot machine interface.

Font info

The slot machine interface on scroll shrinks the wheel and shows the detailed information of the font such as font preview, font characters, designer, font story, similar fonts etc.