Designing and Prototyping a full app in Framer

Piggy is an app that helps save more money by changing the behavior of a person

Problem Statement

Create an app that helps change the behavior of a person to save more money.


After secondary research and interviewing 3 people regarding ‘saving money’, I reached to the following insights:


  1. People are not saving money because they don’t have much money to save.
  2. People don’t save money because they spend too much to pretend they’re not poor by spending most of their money to “rich goods” (like clothing, jewelry, furniture, manicures, and exercise classes)
  3. People don’t save money because U.S. has made it easy to spend, easy to borrow, and easy to raid savings to spend and borrow more.

Behavioral Statement

People should be saving enough money from their incomes to spend later during emergency, retirement, while investing in something valuable etc. People are not saving as they have been spending too much on “rich goods” knowingly or unknowingly. As a consequence, people are not saving as much as they should.

Behaviors and their ability drivers

  1. In the start of month/week, people should put some amount of their monthly/weekly salary aside for savings, so that they don’t have to worry about saving later. (money)
  2. People should calculate their expenditures, bills and loans and based on that calculation decide how much they should save every month/week. (Brain cycles)
  3. People should perform less ‘luxurious’ activities which may utilize saved money (non-routine) ( luxurious activities — eating out daily, buying too many clothes, jewelry, furniture, manicures, and exercise classes etc.)


a) Link bank account b) Home- add money to piggy bank c) Check monthly progress
a) Set limit to the goal b) manage expenses c)


Framer Prototype


The screens proceed with some custom animations triggered at the click of ‘Next’ button

View the Onboarding framer prototype