Solving daily problem of picking your outfit

Case Study: “StyleMeUp”- Your personal stylist

Problem Statement

Picking out your outfit in the morning takes time. Create an app that streamlines the process of planning what to wear and transforms what used to be a chore into something more enjoyable.

StyleMeUp — Demo Video

My Role

Following the Double-Diamond DT method
  1. Discover — Secondary Research data only (Links available at the end of page)
  2. Define — Assumptions and Hypothesis, Developing personas, Use cases & Job Stories, Conceptual Model
  3. Develop — Business Model Canvas, Storyboard, Information Architecture, Wireframing, Word Cloud, Moodboard
  4. Deliver — Features and functionalities, High fidelity mockups (Mobile app), Prototype, StyleGuide


Secondary Research

NOTE: All the research done is secondary. There is no primary research done rather referred to existing resources only. Any steps taken are based on some assumptions (mentioned below) and might/will give skewed results.

Why do people wear clothes?

  1. Safety/Protection (weather, other people)
  2. Status (empowerment, culture, self-esteem)
  3. Identity (my taste, emotions, modesty)
  4. Beautification (matching, style, attraction)

Source1 , Source2 (other links available at the end of the page)

Reasons: Why people wear what they wear

Gen Z turns to social media for beauty advice

Many young consumers turn to social media, and especially video content, when shopping for beauty products. Mintel found that three-quarters of US female teens had looked to YouTube for tutorials on new styles or new products. Moreover, the amount of beauty content on YouTube surged by 200% between 2015 and 2016

Highlight their Uniqueness

Gen Z wants beauty brands to see them as unique individuals working to piece together their personal brands over time. They prefer to see real people (“people like me”) versus traditional celebrities in advertising. Right now, online influencers (and micro-influencers — those with smaller niche followings) are the closest thing to “people like me,” with Gen Z, who often see influencers as peers and personal friends

More than $1 Billion is Projected to be Spent on Instagram Influencers This Year
The Top Instagram Health and Beauty Influencer Has 20.6 Million Followers

More Avatars

With everyday improved facial recognition and AR technology, we are almost there to create automated 3D look-alike avatars.

3D Avatars getting better with facial recognition and AR. Sources: a) Samsung b) Apple
ScreenShop by Kim Kardashian



  1. 3D Avatar technology will be precise & seemless enough for users to adopt
  2. ML is or will soon be developed enough to link the outfits from a picture to that of existing brand content
  3. StyleMeUp has amazing partnerships with content searchers like Curalate and content providers like clothing brands (Macy’s, Gucci, Nike, LEVIS etc.)
  4. Most of the app users will be Gen Z and Millennials
  5. Brands or their agencies have band width to create polls for user suggestions


Pic Credits: @beansiie


Demography: 20yrs, F, lives in Boston, a ‘Micro-influencer’ — Insta celebrity, student

Behaviors — Independent, bold opinions. Always active on Instagram, SnapChat & YouTube. Takes ~10 selfies a day. Have >100k Insta followers. Believes that she stands out of her peer group. Always try to appear creative

Needs & Goals — Want to display creativity in her clothing, showcase her creativity among her friends/followers

Job Story 1

When I am posting on Instagram and SnapChat, I want a fashion-designer assistant to help me with pairing the best clothes from my closet so that my pictures will show that creativity without a fashion designer
Source: Unsplash


Demography: 26yrs, F, lives in SF, associate program manager in a startup

Behaviors — Always in hurry in the morning, messy wardrobe, busy with his work schedule, wears whatever he first sees in this wardrobe

Needs & Goals — Wants his style to fit-in with his colleagues and friends, want quick suggestions to help him decide his outfit

Job Story 2

When I am getting ready for work in the morning, I want quick wardrobe suggestions so that I can get ready as soon as possible without having to think everyday about my daily outfits.

Source: Unsplash


Demography: 18yrs, F, lives in New York, student

Behaviors —Indecisive, Open minded, curious. Always scrolling instagram for inspirations, likes to spend a lot of time to scroll through new content everyday, take friend suggestions about her outfits and her buying choices, wardrobe full of diverse styles

Needs & Goals — Need help to make her selections/decisions, want to quickly connect with friends to know their tastes, want to try first before buying

Job Story 3

When I am exploring new outfits, I want to save, organize and try them later so that I am satisfied with my choices before I buy.


Conceptual Model

From Job Story 1&3, it seems there needs to be a direct connection between social networks (like Instagram) and StyleMeUp to connect with friends, get inspired by influencers and showcase their creativity among friends/ followers. From Job Story 2, it is evident to have quick recommendations (agentive tech) based on user style and choices. 

Conceptual map of what the solution might be


Business Model Canvas

Business Model Canvas

Information Architecture

Information architecture

Form — Word cloud

Word Cloud

Form — Moodboard



Wireframe screens a) Camera b) Home c) Product page


Features and functionalities

Information recording — 

  • Selfies (via camera)
  • Manually taking pictures of clothes and adding them to collections
  • Bundle of pictures put together into “Closet”
  • Instagram — Automatic selection of apparels via tags
  • Camera Roll — Machine learning to detect me with half/full photo of me.
  • Add tags manually, ML based recognition

AI learning for personalization (to understand my taste/choices)

  • Insta hashtags / Insta pics / My insta pics / Number of likes of your insta pic
  • Favourites
  • Automatic recognition of preferred choices. So that they appear often.
  • Closet (My saved items)
  • Improved recommendations based on feedback from Branded polls
  • Feeling lucky (out of the box recommendation)

Filters with Search

  • Feelings — Bold, Sexy, Cute, Happy, Excited etc
  • Style — Modern, Hippie, Bold, Funky, Sissy, Indian, Italian, American, Chinese etc
  • Type — Dress, gown, bikini etc
  • Occasion/Activity — Routine, School, College, Office, Night Party, Prayer, Dance, Hiking, Gym, School, pool, beach
  • Color — Pink, Black, Brown, White, etc.
  • Based on number of likes of your insta pic
  • Knows what you wore previously so keeps on bringing new things
  • But also keeps the record if you prefer a few clothes more than others. So, they appear often.

Final Screens


Accesses camera —  “One selfie a day” that helps collecting data for personalized suggestions. Moreover, making user feel more confident and bold about their outfit choices at the start of their day


  1. View top 3 recommended outfits for the day
  2. What friends are wearing that day
  3. Co-creation with brands: Help brands suggest what is best for you using branded polls
  4. Plan ahead the outfits you may want to carry for the weekend trip


GenZ and Millennials have bold opinions and trust those brands which listens to them. Building this co-creation model lets users not only consume the information but interact with it as well that makes them feel accomplished.

Audio & textual search

NLP based audio and textual search provides an assistive technology support, which filters content based on occasion, age, style, weather, likes on instagram etc.

Save, organize and Decide

In product page, user can view the uploaded photo/video along with machine generated one liner textual description (can be added/edited manually as well). Similar and complimentary products can be viewed that comes from Closet (Saved), Instagram account and branded content.


  1. View complimentary, similar and recommended products 
  2. Try before buy: Try these outfits on your avatar before buying
  3. Favorite or Save them in your Closet

My Avatar

  1. Create your custom avatar
  2. Change outfits and background to see how you might look like in the similar environment
  3. Try all branded apparels on your avatar
  4. Find complimentary product suggestions. For e.g. if you have a top and not the jeans and shoes that your avatar is wearing, you can buy the whole look at a discount.

Picking clothes, a problem? 🤨Done! 👊🏻