Airline Experience for Business travelers

‘X-Air’ — You handle the business, we handle the travel



Our client, Consolidated Air® to start navigating their competitive advantage by utilizing new technologies such as AI, ML and blockchain among others for Business Class Travelers. They want to provide the best air travel experience through excellent interaction design. They reached out to us, Aura design team, to implement Enhanced Interaction Experience Initiative (EIEI).

About Consolidated Air®

Consolidated Air® has become the fastest growing air conglomerate in the 21st century due to their extraordinary business acumen, technical chops and big brains . They have already improved and streamlined everything possible via spreadsheet, technical planning and computer code.

Team: ‘Aura Design’ (5 members)

My Role:

Secondary Research, sketch Ideation and conceptualization, storyboarding, Brand design, UI design, Rapid Prototype, BMC, Implementation proposals


Consolidated Air® needs deliverables that demonstrate how the new experience will look and feel. The experience design must include three touchpoints as follows:

  1. One needs to be an AI/ML powered agent, 
  2. One needs to be a physical touchpoint and 
  3. One needs to be a digital canvas.



6 facilitated interviews with business travelers who fly for work both regionally and globally, monthly and near-daily.

Secondary Research summary

  1. In personal entertainment: VR, Movies/games, Retro games, Surround sound
  2. Primary desires of customer <24yrs age is Inflight wifi, 25–44yrs age is timely notification, 45+ is attentive cabin-crew
  3. Smart phones for flight attendants to check emails, manuals, shift checkin, seat assignment, real-time feedback to company
  4. Technology: NFC for mobile payment, Facial Recognition for check-ins, luggage tracking, AI assistant for customer service

Insights and Opportunities areas

  1. Flying provides time to focus on needs (sleeping, reading, working…)
  2. Travel for business is rhythmic — based on experience, travelers have developed habitual behaviors. They rely on consistency.
  3. Business flyers are traveling as an extension of work, efficiency in the process is key.

How might we…

1. amplify traveller focus by promoting an individual experience to eliminate distraction?
2. maximize the traveller sense of efficiency by providing stability across the experience of travel?
3. increase feeling of value and recognition by personalizing experience of travel?
Design Guidelines
Journey — Our major focus remains a) At the airport and b) On the plane


From our How Might We’s and Design guidelines, we came up with more than 50 different ideas that focus around business traveler. From the travel experience strategy, testing sketch prototypes with Consolidated Air® (client) and impact-effort matrix, we narrowed down to a few potential ideas.

Sketching 50 ideas based on 3 design guidelines — Focus, efficiency & personalisation
Impact-Effort Matrix
 Major Ideas out of all 50

Developing ideas


X-Air mobile app wireframe
Backseat screen wireframes

Video storyboard

Our preliminary storyboard informed our final video; telling the story of a working professional who, after receiving a last minute invitation to present at a conference was helped through the process of travel by X Air.

Physical touchpoint ideas

Mood board

Service blueprint

System map →

Business Model Canvas

X-Air Business Model Canvas

UI/Style Guide


X-Air app design

Flight recommendation based on X-Air API integration in office emails

Back-seat screen design

Privacy Pod (Noise Dampener)

WIP — Privacy Pod

Final Product Video

X-Air Service video

Next Steps