How to get into User Experience (UX) — Master’s Degree Programs in the U.S
Geunbae "GB" Lee

Most of the universities mentioned in this list are great from curriculum, faculty and job opportunity perspectives.

To mention, if you are an international student, CCA’s MDes program is superb from various perspectives :

  1. One year professional course- Good for candidates with ~3yrs of experience
  2. It’s SF! — At the heart of Silicon Valley. Great job opportunities. Lot of design meet-ups that you can attend. Good networking opportunity
  3. Good culture for international students —People would be more open and friendly here as most of them are immigrants only. The whole community is against Trump’s decisions. And CCA openly stands against such decisions.
  4. STEM program
  5. Good course, if you wish to learn underlying principles of Design Thinking. But the course is quite new. Every year, CCA is trying to improve the curriculum and make it more beneficial to everyone.

But it’s very expensive, even for one year!

Students who are worried about high fees —

GeorgiaTech, Stanford, MIT MediaLabs are well funded and grant good amount of scholarships. SJSU, Purdue and NYU are also bit cheaper, and have good job opportunities being at the locations where all major tech firms are based.

Eventually, it all depends which university suits you the best!

Glad to see this article. Many in UX field needed this. You can also find this similar list here.

Thanks Geunbae "GB" Lee for writing this article.