So it begins (VJTI)

Its new years noon while i am writing this post, having mixed feelings at this point. Last year was a hectic year for me, was trampled with studies and pressure of marks for getting admission in good engineering college. As a background i went to a local class and mostly studied on my own. At that time i didn’t realise the magnitude of importance of this admission of engineering.

Time went by exams got closer, did my best, anxious wait for the scores to come out. I had a two month vacation after my 12th, but the tension never really washed away. Soon the results came and i had them on my computer screen. Were they bad? were they good? were the question that will immediately come to your mind. But i will not bore you with numbers, it was decent score on the higher spectrum range, simply i scored good (92% in 12th and a decent jee score for the curious ones)

Time for admissions began and after one month of hectic wait and frustration whose detail i will spare, i got my admission in VJTI for electronics engineering.

About my college

Actually it took me half of the semester to know the college itself. Its one of the prestigious colleges of Maharashtra and the oldest in Asia founded by British in 1887 formerly it was known as Victoria Jubilee Technical Institute. It was awarded academic and administrative autonomy in 2004. And since then it has not looked back. Some questions of education standards of VJTI has been raised in the recent years which in will discuss in the future posts.

First Semester

The first semester actually went away in figuring out what engineering is. We had two ISTs which are kind of units and then a final sem. For those who don’t know VJTI employs a pointer system, which is nothing but relative grading. For me the first sem was okay, managed to score a decent 9 pointer which i hoped to be above 9, but got stuck at the threshold itself, No worries though.

Vacation / Winter break

Although the best part was to get a 2 month vacation (winter break) after the first set, this was a real vacation i got after the 12th exam as i was no longer tensed of anything. I did really enjoy the 2 months, had really great plans but all the plans ended up on bed with me. We had college fest in this period the first was pratibimb which is a cultural fest of VJTI followed by technovanza which is a technical fest of VJTI. The IIT tech fest and VJTIs technovanza clashed as they were on the same day that is 26,27,28th of december. I think they could have adjusted a compromise as the clash would result in lesser audience on both of the sides. I don’t have photos of fest but will make sure to show it to you guys nest time :)

The vacation is now coming to and end with last few days left and starting of college is eminent ( shows my sadness to get back on routine :p )

Anyways this is the journey so far, and now you are on this journey with me too. I would be fun to see how the next years turn out to be. Looking forward to write more posts :)

— — — ||Adiós|| — — —

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