Zebpay Users and Bitcoin Hard Fork
Sandeep Goenka

What will happen to my Bitcoins in the zebpay wallet in case of User Activated Soft Fork and Miner Activated Hard Fork ?

Let’s say I have 10 Bitcoins in my zebpay wallet.

If the Bitcoin blockchain splits into 2, one having SegWit and other having 2MB blocksize, will my Bitcoins double ? Will I have 10 Bitcoins in the SegWit chain and 10 bitcoins in the 2 MB blocksize chain ( so 20 Bitcoins) ?

If my Bitcoin doubles, will Zebpay allow me to access/spend/trade both the Bitcoins(Bitcoin core and Bitcoin Unlimited)

If Zebpay officially supports SegWit, what will happen to my Bitcoins in the Hard forked chain or vice versa ?

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