You don’t listen to these Podcasts?

Here are some recommendations — good list for you to get started with the World of Podcasts!

There are many people who say — I would love to hear a great podcast! But there are few who really get on listening to it. For me, honestly, this world of podcasts has been very exciting and addictive. I listen to podcasts while working, cycling, or commuting! <No, I don’t hit the gym to run on treadmill and listen to podcasts>

SO! Here I am with a sort of long list of podcasts and some recommendations of episodes which i have liked. These include various types of shows and varied topics.

Most of these recommendations revolve around startups, remote working, medicine, history, minimalist journey, crazy experiments which Tim Ferriss does etc. Essentially, I have been hooked on to longish casts. Yes! For many, they dont like long duration podcasts.

I LOVE following casts which are more than an hour and so on. Podcasts are great source for learning new things, getting to know about different books, various subjects and blogposts which people read.

Do not miss on checking out the show notes of podcasts you like. Mostly, every podcast will have detailed show notes with relevant links and references mentioned during the show.

Let us begin…

Tim Ferriss— Tim is one that guy who is super interesting, for various reasons. His podcast show is diverse in terms of guests, topics and also has some short episodes where Tim reads out lessons. Newsweek has called him “the world’s best human guinea pig,” which he takes as a compliment. His experiments can be found at

Here are some of the links of podcasts from his show —

Maria Popova , Brain Picking , extensively speaks about how she reads, writes and what does her routine look like
Alexis talks about startups, his story of Redditt and more. Yes, some YC stuff too

Tony is absolutely inspiring guy, big name in the coaching landscape, often termed as motivational speaker / coach, though he is not exactly that! His new book is up for sale on Amazon — go check it out!

Episode 1
Episode 2
He is powerhouse when it comes to history! Must must listen. He also runs another podcast series called as common sense.

— Dan Carlin : Site

Sam Harris : Many many many controversies with what Sam says.

Sam Harris has his own podcast and is worth checking out! Waking up with Sam Harris

James is this crazy guy who has made millions and lost millions! A very genuine podcast where he speaks about multiple aspects of life!

Here is his book which i have got — The Power of No: Because One Little Word Can Bring Health, Abundance, and Happiness

Kevin was the first guest on Tim’s show. Plus he does random show with tim and also has his own podcast show — Journal (which I have mentioned below)

Essays by Tim —

You can find books by Tim Ferris here

Jason Fried — Favourite ones | Search ‘Jason Fried’ on Soundcloud and go on and on! Jason Fried is one of the favorite person, whose principals and way of building business has impressed and motivated me. Often, I love to use these tracks when I am confused over certain things in business.

Jason talks at length about remote working, basecamp and his principles
Different way of working! Jason at his best
Sort of a keynote… interesting!
One of the best from Journal. Have mentioned few others below
Design and copy — yet another brilliant podcast
The best OF Jason — where he extends the chat! Listen up!

Journal by Kevin Rose : Kevin Rose is a serial entrepreneur and technology investor. Time Magazine calls him one of the “Top 25 Most Influential People on the Web”, and Bloomberg lists him as a “Top 25 Angel Investor”.

Journal — is a series where kevin speaks with various people at length, to discover and uncover, i must say various subjects! Loved all these…

Explore the world of Notebooks!
Dr. Rhonda is super energetic personality! The knowledge sharing in this podcast is WOW!

Gary Vaynerchuk : I think I don’t have to say who and what Gary is ! Epic hustler and a person whom I look upto for positive energy!

Best of Gary

#AskGaryVee Podcasts

Keynotes , but if you listen the best of Gary, you are sorted for sure

Books by Gary Vee

Sam Harris : Join neuroscientist, philosopher, and best-selling author Sam Harris as he explores important and controversial questions about the human mind, society, and current events.

Very Very Interesting Topic
Easy and very effective techniques for meditation
All his AMA are good..

Books by Sam Harris can be seen below

The Minimalists : This is an amazing feed for your minimalist journey. You can check their site too, very resourceful and handy. These guys, both Joshua and Ryan are my fav people! Q&A podcast series which throws light on their minimalist journey and where people find their answers! Recommended!

First podcast where you get to know the duo
In todays world of technology, we are caught in the world of wires!
Some delicate conversations made easy!
Spending and saving — and journey of minimalism!
Viral disease!
It is all in our head!

Books by The Minimalists

Some Random tracks which I came across

For all those who love pens!
Screen Writing and some great tips for authors

Phew! So this went on to be a exhaustive list! I will keep adding more as I listen to more. Do let me know your suggestions and recommendations!