Sakleshpur — Weekend Getaway From Bangalore

Ten-Second Takeaway

You want to break away from the concrete jungle, the potholes and the never-ending traffic but cannot afford a lavish break? Sakleshpur during this monsoon will make you fall in love with life again, but again, never a bad time to break away from the city!

Road Leading to Wild Wagtail Adventure Camp

If coffee is your magic potion, book yourself at Golden Wood through Linger and you will be housed in a cottage amidst acres of coffee plantations. And with an unlimited supply of coffee made with beans from their own estate. If something cheaper is on your mind, you could explore Wild Wagtail Adventure Camp, where you can choose to stay in a standard room or in neatly set-up tents overlooking a stream or by the water itself. In both cases, you would have received enough of supplement green from a long weekend trip.

What to Do

At Golden Wood, pretty much nothing! The perfect estate to actually do nothing at all — or you could use your time to take long walks in the coffee estate, read books, listen to music on your iPod or play board games and take it easy. On the other hand, Wild Wagtail offers a short mountain trek to a waterfall. Other adventures at Wild Wagtail include pedal-boating in the lake, zip-lining, Tarzan swinging and Burma bridge-crossing, all of which come under rope activities.

Walk At Golden Wood
Stream At Golden Wood

What Is Unique About It

Each property has its own raison d’etre. The destination will change based on the company. With a family of senior citizens or children, Golden Wood would make better sense, but for those who feel sitting is a waste of time, Wild Wagtail is your place. The drive after Hassan to either of the properties endorses the famous quote, “it’s not about the destination but about the journey”.

Spider At Golden Wood
Panoramic View of the Lake at Wild Wagtail Adventure Camp

Best Time To Visit

As for me, during the rains, of course, but it is never a bad time to visit Sakleshpur.

Pedal Boating at Wild Wagtail Adventure Camp

Don’t Leave Home Without

Ensure to check your stepney before starting your journey as the roads are not in favour of tyres! A power bank if you cannot live without your entire gamut of electronics, lots of issues with electricity {sometimes there’s no power for days together}, mosquito repellent, extra battery for camera, {a lot of opportunity for macro and landscape photography here, extra shorts and t-shirts during the monsoons, a couple of plastic bags for safekeeping and a few things to munch on for any hunger pangs are some things to add to your list before leaving.