Multimedia Critique

The screenshot provided is just one example of 50 different provided maps. This map is for “Game of Thrones.”

This piece features 50 maps that were created from Facebook data about the ZIP codes of people who “liked” certain TV shows on the social networking site. Each TV show has its own map, and below each map is a description of the show and the region’s political leanings. I thought this was a fascinating approach to analyzing 2016 election data, and I could easily scroll through to see the specific shows I was more interested in. There is also a list graphic under each map that outlines the connections between other TV shows’ data, so I didn’t have to scroll up and down to make my own connections. The organization of this multimedia piece is phenomenal. Not only is a tremendous amount of data visually organized, but using graphic lists in tandem with these maps made it all the more user-friendly. One thing that I wish this map contained was a more detailed political breakdown. The thesis of this piece is that there’s an unusually strong connection between television and politics, but the reader is forced to make a lot of assumptions based on general knowledge about regional politics. Having that data provided — on the same map, in particular — would have really strengthened the argument. Though the piece is long (50 maps), it is very well-labeled and broken up in a way that empowers the reader to choose which data to interact with.

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