Jet Black Heart

There’s a hurricane underneath it.

I did my best, no cliche intended.

I did everything that I could. I made sacrifices that darkened my soul. I turned things upside-down, bargained things parallel to what I used to do…

Just to keep you.

But everyday is a fight, a struggle, a prayer to keep things afloat.

Everyday, I question “Why?”

I ask myself if it’s all worth it.

Trying to keep us apart.

Pain and disappointment. Reoccurring fears. Enveloped in risk and hopes. Will it get better? Will things shift its gear for a lighter side? For how long will it take to test my waiting? How long should I endure? Am I doing the right thing?

Will history repeat itself?

Invested too much but it is a bargain.

Bargain your soul and heart.

See where the finish line would lead you.

See if you can even see the finish ahead.

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