The Confusion


Feeble. Yet it burns you with such a passionate fire. In youth, the first spark would spiral you through voids and whirpool of hope and dreams. You are endless. You are full of potential. In youth, you are never condemned for failing, derailed but full of chances.

But the fire flickers when the days inched to weeks, prolonged to months and passed as years.

The fire within you is confused.

You are trapped. A void with no exit hence you had no inkling how you managed to enter. You struggled, with blood and sweat you pounded the ground for a path as you seek direction.

Darkness fell and the light was reluctant to shine on your damaged soul. The longing for relief runs through your veins yet you have none to quench the thirst.

Over and over you met dead ends and you exerted your best to at least grab the end of a silver lining. Yet it deemed rare. Almost impossible.

The confusion lingered. The darkness deepened.

You asked yourself when…

When will you open your eyes to the light?