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According to Forbes magazine, over 80% of companies fail at digitalisation. I was curious why this figure is so high, and what the underlying reasons are. By analysing articles found using Google search, I found that this high failure rate could be explained using 24 success criteria that I grouped into 6 themes. This article explains how you can avoid failure in your transformation programme by explaining why each success criteria is important, and what action you need to take. I conclude by leaving you with 6 key takeaways.

More Than 80% of Companies Fail at Digitalisation

Unfortunately, digitalisation initiatives do not have a strong track record of…

Soheel Haque-Everding

Soheel Haque-Everding is an IT Director who has worked for organisations such as BNP Paribas & Merrill Lynch. His current interests are cloud, data, and ML.

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