Soheil Najjaran Producing Music

Soheil Najjaran is a professional graphic designer who focuses on interactive/web design, in addition to, print media. He got a BA degree in Graphic Design, and also a minor in Marketing from Cal State Fullerton.

Professionally, he’s worked on many campaigns for businesses including Carl’s Jr, Countrywide Home Loans, Qantas Airlines, and much more. He developed his abilities in front end website design, CSS, and Flash while working together with the Art Director at Spacedog Interactive.

While working at Encore Advertising expertise and his wisdom of the net space, as it relates to advertisements, actually blossom. He worked on numerous marketing campaigns geared towards online marketing and managed 4 different designers. Where he became the head of design in a boutique Real-Estate Advertising Business, he took his abilities to TigerLead.

He is a multi instrumentalist having an emphasis on piano and guitar. His music is not complex, yet composed. His susceptibility concealed, and never is notable. His lyrics are true and relatable.

Soheil Najjaran started his journey as a little boy residing in Tehran, Iran in life. After pulling some strings, his family had been able to go to America where his family along with he could avoid the pressures of war to pursue a life.

He’s dedicated his life despite any negative views folks could have about his choice.

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