Purpose of Life

Before started writing, different thoughts crossed my mind, but then with little enthusiasm, thought of not stopping myself. The motivation was, I at least have the Me Time and Me Space where I can inscribe myself and my feelings.

Have celebrated my 30 birthday on 24th April and was happy with the greetings and wishes from family, friends, Colleague and some new Pals. I believe we all need some kind of inspiration to do something significant with our lives.

The entire day was tiring not because of the workload but because of the sudden change in climate and top of that AC’s weren’t functioning. Left office, skipped the thought of cooking and bought food from outside for dinner, travelled back home, got freshened up and with a little relief switched on the TV and then suddenly my cell phone vibrated. Received a message from an FB friend, My junior. . . I stared at the text and smiled. .. Sharing the content of the text

“One of the pretty girl and singer of the school… Still not married can’t believe.. . 😎”

Not likely to mention the name but laughed aloud. I am not against marriage and neither I am the protagonist who would support “footloose and fancy-free” lifestyle but I do have a problem with the speculating thought process.

According to Maa, Di and elderly people, I have always been a little mature than my chronic age and luckily born in a Family where individual opinion was being listened and valued. I was Papa’s girl and for him, I will always remain a kid, no matter which birthday I am Celebrating or Whatever Position I got Elevated to.

I am a theist and have strong beliefs. I believe every individual is born with a purpose. It is Important to identify that what we want from this life, where the satisfaction lies and what makes us happy as only a happy soul can scatter seeds of happiness. Retrospection is important for understanding own self.

What If we get everything that we aspired for? Wealth, power, friends, Partner and everything… Does the wheel of desire will stop moving? Or Something new will emerge suddenly?

Instances reveal that after a while, One again becomes dissatisfied and grow the need for something more. But there is one thing that can never become stale — Finding Joy within.