The Threshold Project: No traveler goes back to his city of origin.

6 min readApr 12, 2020

Sohini Mukherjee| MFA| Spring 2020

The images utilise augmented reality — Download the Artivive app to see the full #AR experience.


As second semester, first year graduate students, you are at a threshold or liminal space entering into a your second year of your graduate studies. The term liminality is a psychological, neurological, or metaphysical subjective state, conscious or unconscious, of being on the threshold of or between two different existential planes, as defined in neurological psychology a liminal state and in the anthropological theories of ritual by such writes as Arnold van Gennep and Victor Turner.


During the intervening liminal period, the state of the ritual subject (the “passenger,” or “liminar,”) becomes ambiguous, neither here nor there, betwixt and between all fixed points of classification; he passes through a symbolic domain that has few or none of the attributes of his coming state.

— Victor Turner

Phase 1:

Initial research, mood-boarding and ideation.

I initially started by finding making moodboards of subjects and topics that resonated to me as literal translations of the word ‘Liminality’. Since the word to me felt very intangible and abstract, finding literal Illustrations of the word in real world made it more easier to grasp and build upon.

Structure and flow can be found as a basic construction principle across different fields of design and materials. To me the appeal is the in between transition from one principle to the other where you cannot really tell whether it is structure or flow. I tried to illustrate the idea through a P5JS sketch.
Metamorphosis is another liminal stage where you don’t know in which stage an object organism stands. I chose to represent this through typography from an experimental poster I made last semester.