how to prepare for new year

Tomorrow I will be taking the entire day by myself to mentally prepare for the New Year.

I won’t accept any phone calls and I won’t be doing any “hanging out.”

Instead, I am going to do the same thing that I did last year in the beginning of the year that helped make this past year so amazing…thinking.

Tomorrow is part one of a two part session.

The first part will be just me by myself. The second part will be in a couple days with a close friend where we check each other’s goals and give feedback.

For tomorrow, I will break the day into 3 main session and then 1 extra session if I have time.

Here is how my 2018 Preparation will go:


For the first hour or so, I will think about how this past year went.

I will write down everything I accomplished and all the goals that I hit.

Then, I will think about everything that I gave up on or wasn’t able to complete.

Once I have this list, I will spend time being thankful for the things I accomplished and pondering on what made them work. I will then think about why I failed at the things that I didn’t complete.


This next session will be another hour or so where all I do is dream about all the crazy possibilities for the next year.

I will basically be taking a pen and paper and writing “What if…” several times on the page and coming up with a bunch of crazy cool things that I could attempt.

Most of them will be ridiculous and impossible, but that’s the point. The point isn’t to be realistic, it’s to dream.

The reason for this is that while most of the items will be crazy, a couple will end up being things that I actually could accomplish but would never have thought of if I hadn’t let myself think so freely.


The third session will involve picturing who I want to become this year and what I want to achieve.

I will think about all the skills, and characteristics of myself that I want to improve as well as what I think I can realistically aim to accomplish.

When it comes to goals, I will certainly pick some main goals, but I will also be thinking more about where I want to be in my life in general than specifically knowing the exact thing I will be doing.

Life is too crazy to be able to think that everything will go according to plan so I will set some rough ideas and be open to what life throws my way.

I will also pick a couple main themes for the year to help keep me focused.

My themes for this past year were “save money and learn skills” both of which I accomplished.

(my phone background for most of the year)

These themes help give me clarity when everything get crazy.


If I have time, this last session will be to plan out content for the One Brick A Daymovement I am starting as well as thinking about the worst case scenarios for my ideas.

This ideas of “fear setting” came from Tim Ferriss who said if you think about the worst case scenarios, you’ll realize that either they aren’t that bad or that you can find a way to get back to where you are now.

By doing this fear setting, you put your fears in perspective so that they won’t hold you back.


This is exactly how I plan to set myself up for success for 2018. I hope you join me in making this year something special.

But for now, I am going to get dressed, cook up some steak and potatoes, pour a cocktail, and allow myself to enjoy the last night of 2017.

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