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Every developer and engineer has a different set of tools they use. Working primarily in the .NET landscape, my tools frequently include Windows, Visual Studio, VS Code, Git, etc. Typically, the more green a developer is, the more rigid their definition of a “development tool” and the fewer items they’ll install when getting started. I’d like to introduce you to my process for getting a dev environment set up, tell you about some of the ways I use my “development tools” and possibly help expand your definition of “development tool” in the process.

Gitting Started

At a new job, or when getting…

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Sometimes, when we’re working with data, we need to be sensitive with regards to what we’re exposing when we serialize our objects. On a recent project, I was dealing with various types of Personally Identifiable Information, often abreviated as PII, and needed to find a consistent, and easy, way to mark fields as sensitive. I discussed the problem with my team and after a few rounds of spit-balling and bouncing ideas off each other, the CensoredContentAttribute was born.

Note: All the code discussed in this article can be found in this Gist. Eventually, I plan to set it up in…

DealerOn Lobby

If you were to look at the DNA of DealerOn under the microscope, you’d see base pairs of Opportunity, Ownership, Camaraderie, and Determination comprising the genes that are directly responsible for the success and rapid growth DealerOn has experienced over the last decade.

Rolling the clock back to around 2012-2013 and you’ll find a young Jon Rothbard and Tim Eisenhardt just getting started at what will turn out to be challenging, yet rewarding careers. Tim and Jon cast some of the longest shadows here at DealerOn and were largely influential in setting up the current culture and “family oriented” mentality…

I’ve been struggling to get the Mirror-Quickstart-Go up and running. A few months back I was able to get it running on an appengine instance without any trouble at all. Recently though, I decided to blow away the test code I had on my appengine and start over. Unfortunately setting up the quickstart was not as easy this time. After following the usual steps of setting up a project, creating the client IDs and configuring the project with the proper information, I deployed it and became stuck in an authorization redirect loop. …

I s̵u̵f̵f̵e̵r̵ ̵f̵r̵o̵m̵ have ADHD.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. I was diagnosed with it at an early age and while it was fairly difficult in childhood, as an adult I’ve largely learned to deal with it and developed coping mechanisms to help with the more difficult aspects. I thought I had it mostly under control and that it no longer was influencing my life in any major way. I would laugh with my friends about it when I would get hyperactive and jumping back and forth between topics. It had become a joke. It’s easier to ignore that way. …

Just don’t.

I just spent the last few hours debugging an extremely irritating issue with Visual Studio and attempting to attach to my local IIS.

**Edit 9/27/2018**
I have since discovered that my findings below were not accurate and were pure happenstance. I’m still not sure what the root issue was, but at least I haven’t had it occur again since.

First, some context: I use Visual Studio as two windows to make the most use out of two monitors. I have the main VS window, the one with the menu bar and all the buttons, open full screen on…


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