So everyone on the planet pays more taxes than Exxon Mobil. This means YOU too, by the way. Think about this when tax season comes around next year.
You Pay More Taxes Than Exxon Mobil
Joe Brewer

I don’t disagree with your ultimate point and I believe we’re on the same side about this subject. However what your writing leaves you open to is the whole debate that “Exxon creates jobs and brings these others values” that are beyond that tax break which make it worth while.

The counter argument of course is that are those jobs and what not worth killing the planet and subsequently, what are the costs of events like those taking place in Houston if they continue ton escalate? I think in order for Republicans and others to get behind things like climate change, we have to speak their language — money. Equate these catastrophes with real costs and they might change their tune.

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