While Apple didn’t give it the messaging or support it needed to be really understood, even by reviewers,
iPhone battery life needs to get better, because Snapchat and Pokémon Go
Rene Ritchie

This was such a shame. As somebody who never uses a case, I purchased the Smart Battery Case for my 6s and use it when I travel, go to Disneyland, or am attending a con like CES or E3 and it’s been an absolute delight. Not only is it extremely minimal, but it’s also a breeze to slip on and off. But all that aside, it’s all the invisible tech that makes it that much more compelling - like how it treats power management. It’s truly a shame that 9/10 ‘journalists/bloggers’ failed to realize that (and perhaps part of it can be put on Apple) and went for the simple ‘Apple is doomed’ headline.

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