Know All About SocialEngine Latest Releases 4.9.1 And 4.9.2

As the world becomes a smaller place, the importance of online communities has increased on all levels. In fact, having an online community is essential to take your business on the success route. SocialEngine is a reliable platform for creating user-friendly social websites to help you build a niche market. For this reason, a large number of businesses are investing in SocialEngine development to leverage the power of social communities.

As a platform, SocialEngine is ideal as it not only has impeccable features but is also engaged in constant updates and improvements. Recently, it has come up with two new releases, namely SocialEngine 4.9.1 and SocialEngine 4.9.2. Both of these have been tailored to address several issues that were a part of the previous version. Here is all you need to know about the features of these updates.

Issues Fixed By SocialEngine 4.9.1

  • #607- User privacy for photo album not considering member level
  • # 592- Info for user profile fields not being searchable in case it is added
  • before these fields are made searchable by the admin
  • # 700- Uploaded videos not playing
  • # 678- The widget for mobile profile options not working
  • # 684- Spelling errors on create poll page
  • # 341- Integer value 5 not being saved in the member level settings of plugins
  • CSS errors in Bamboo Theme
  • Options of edit and delete not working for the categories Event and Group
  • Issues related to PHP 7 compatibility in the 4.9 version, with the addition of APCu support for PHP 7
  • Third party products that were not updated causing problems with the loading of the default CSS

Issues Fixed By SocialEngine 4.9.2

  • # 493- Privacy concern for the email passed in verification URL
  • # 669- Formatting issues in announcements with TinyMCE editor
  • # 719: Formatting issues in forum with TinyMCE and BBCode editor
  • # 694- Spelling error on performance caching overview page
  • # 713- Privacy options not showing on the user profile
  • # 732- Editing post from notification
  • # 724- Server configurations causing deletion of settings files on upgrade
  • # 139- Display of long profile photos on the members home page
  • Viglink settings and description in the Admin Panel
  • Network issue that resulted in sorting in Admin not working on the next pages
  • Privacy for video browse as well as videos on profile, similar to the photo privacy issue fixed for 4.9.1
  • CTA button background improved for better visibility

Both these versions bring numerous improvements and make SocialEngine a much better platform than it ever was. Avail the help of expert SocialEngine developers to avail the upgrades.

Originally published at on June 20, 2017.