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Football Manager Touch(TM) 2017 is among the most complete football management game available on tablet. Control real teams and real players, in more than 130 traditional leagues across the world and watch your games play away on the acclaimed Basketball Manager 3D match engine. FM Touch 2017 features unrivalled player data, extensive tactical control and an ultra-realistic 3D match-engine.
Software Description : Enhanced 3D engine with new and superior motion-captured animations, plus better AI and stadia. In addition there are new camera angles that enrich the match experience. Now more intuitive, this is actually the location to get input from your entire staff, including improved advice from the backroom. Supporters and the media have their say with the new social feed. Carry on to date on copy rumours and fan effect to anything that happens at your club. The possibility to simulate a match and go straight to the result — ideal if you’ve seen enough of your team’s performance or are short of time.
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