Cost Effective International Education in India — SOIS

About — School of International Studies?

  • SOIS is the Best International College in India, it follow International standards with well expert International faculty. It is a Idle pathway that allows student to start his or her under graduation or post graduation program from india itself and then continues to progress in one of the several SOIS approved university.
  • It follows the liberal and modular way of teaching with stress free environment with more focus on practical knowledge.
  • It is the cost effective secured entrance pathway in most prestigious universities with relevant programs.
  • CREDIT TRANSFER PROGRAM i.e. provide secured entrance and transfer credits in their leading destination universities. Students are recognized as SOIS graduates and has existing credit transfer arrangements with SOIS qualification awarding body, ATHE.
  • We provide the offer letter and a seat in any of the 70 well repudiated universities.
  • SOIS offer both online and offline programs that are -: Government Accredited and Globally recognized.
  • Certifications is recognized by the leading governing bodies : OFQUAL, ATHE, UPI.

Teaching Methodolgy

  • In SOIS , we have foreign trainers to guide students through the courses modules and help students gain credits. The learning process is made very simple, interesting, stress free and modern technology is used.
  • SOIS has Best International Education in India with world class infrastructure, smart class, Labs and advanced research centre to the students.
  • We provide best academic experience that will prepare them to progress and adapt to the academic system of their chosen destination.
  • We provide one on one coaching, 24 hours support on call, mail and through web.
  • Along with academic education we provide proficiency in
  • ELICOS — Certificate is provided to the student.
  • Transparency is there in teaching method. Both offline and online courses are there where there should be 1200 hours in one year.
  • Teaching is more Assessment based, more of practical knowledge is there along with trips and seminars.


  • It helps to overcome the challenges of meeting minimum Academic and English requirements for entry.
  • Our Online Multi Program was designed to help students overcome these challenges by delivering a low cost, flexible, online study program with 24hr/day access.
  • Our programs are assessment based giving students practical career and academic skills in their chosen field of study.
  • It is a economical effective medium to the most prestigious universities.
  • International School of Studies provide short courses in India with the best possible skills to succeed as an International student, that includes :
  • Microsoft Excel 2013
  • Microsoft Word 2013
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2013
  • Performance management
  • Assertive communication
  • Retail sales and service
  • Microsoft Publisher 2013
  • Communication skills

SOIS offers Graduate and Post Graduate programme from world's leading university.

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