Build Your Future Dream With International College in Chandigarh — School of International Studies

School of International Studies (sois) gives finish instructive direction to understudies for confirmation in eminent colleges around the world. SOIS is an approved delegate of numerous colleges and schools around the world. SOIS is best school for International Studies in India as it helps in getting education in nations like USA, Canada, Australia, UK, New Zealand. It helps in getting admission as well as helps with credit exchange to outside college.

School of International Studies is situated at D-6, Industrial Area Phase-1 Mohali Chandigarh (Punjab).

International College Chandigarh — School of International Studies

SOIS give understudies favorable condition to study and research and provides International Degree in Chandigarh. SOIS has teachers and specialists who examine the capacity of understudies and after evaluation recommends them a fitting propose field of concentrate as per their aptitudes.

Best College For International Studies in Chandigarh

On the off chance that you are looking for universal instructive chances to get worldwide introduction, sois is the place for you. We at sois offer remote dialect and graduate and post graduate qualification courses with a global acknowledgment and sois is the pathway to study program in Chandigarh.

SOIS situated at Mohali is related with in excess of 70 colleges comprehensively and is the Best International College in Chandigarh. This presumed association serves superb instruction offices to understudies in Asia. IT gives offer letter of wanted school/college to understudies after fulfillment of their particular certificate/degree.

Understudies can benefit position openings given by the school as it has relationship with assorted MNC’s . It encourages understudies to seek after their confirmation/degree in worldwide grounds at UK, USA, Australia, and Canada. School of International Studies has a solid space of master instructors and outside resources with rich experience who share their perspectives and bits of knowledge with understudies and urge them to look past the books. It likewise grows understudy their range of information.

Accordingly, SOIS is set up with mission of furnishing important training from remote college with a world class educating to its understudies in India.

SOIS offers Graduate and Post Graduate programme from world's leading university.

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