A journey begins with a step, that can also be interpreted by saying you start from the bottom before you get to the top..Most people choose not to face reality, not to face the truth because they have made the society and what people say be their God, they allow what people say / validation come.first before any other thing..


The truth is you are killing your destiny, your life purpose all because of validation from people when all you need is validation from God..It's actually a beautiful thing to start from the bottom.. King David in the bible started from the bottom Joseph also started from the bottom and so many others in the bible ..If you are humble and the only thing/opinion you care about is what God says then there will be lots and lots of successful people on this earth and when I mean success I mean fulfilling your God given purpose on this earth..


Some people get to live long some get to live a short life but the truth of the matter is your life is telling a story.. Before your time comes will you finish the story God wants you to tell.. Face your journey, face your work start from the bottom and get to where you are meant to be.. Be blind to everything around you that will be a distraction to your purpose for example (your flesh, your desires certain friends "in quote") focus on your prize which is fulfilling your purpose before you are called home God bless...

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