Here’s why Successful people do not share the secret to their success

They don’t share because it’s no longer a secret once it is shared.

However, successful people usually share their success secrets with those very very close to them… sadly, most on their death bed.

I will be sharing some secrets for success with you in this article, but no, I am not dying. I am sharing these secrets with you, because you’re very special to me. I will be sharing from my experience as a life and business coach in Africa, and Nigeria to be precise. While my expertise is unpretentiously local, the lessons learnt in my now 35 years, both as an employee, and the last 16 as a social entrepreneur are of global relevance.

From my experience, the Secrets to Success can be summarised into two words GRATITUDE & SERVICE.

I am sure you’ve heard it said also that, “we are to be thankful ALWAYS.

Thankful can be used interchangeably with Grateful by the way. Being Thankful or Grateful has to be an attitude — an attitude of the heart. But honestly, how can we have this attitude continually, especially …” in all circumstances?”

I believe the answer lies in our perspective of Thanksgiving.

We need to have the proper perspective to Thanksgiving or Being Grateful.

Now, I believe there are at least three attitudes that steal away our Gratitude. Three things that keep us from being thankful, and we must avoid these three if we want to be successful.

The First is … Our Pride

This is the attitude that says, “Nobody ever gave me anything, I worked hard for everything I have.” For years you studied hard and now it is finally paying off. With this kind of attitude, we feel that we have no one to thank but ourselves.

Second is … Our Critical Spirit! or constant complaining.

A farmer known as an incurable grumbler constantly complained about everything. At last his colleagues thought he had found something about which he would be happy, as his farm crop was the finest for miles around. When he was approached with a beaming smile, “You must be very happy John. Everyone is saying how healthy your potatoes look this year.

Guess what his response was?

True they’re pretty good, but what am I going to do when I need bad potatoes to feed the pigs.

Third is … Our Carelessness

Someone once said that if the stars only came out once a year, we would stay out all night to watch them. But they are there every night and we have grown accustomed to them.

We humans are often never truly grateful for all that God has given us, because of Pride, Carelessness or a Critical spirit. You can’t be successful if you’re not grateful for what you have.

Thanksgiving is one word that is too seldom heard and too rarely spoken and too often forgotten. Our Thanksgiving should also include the burdens of Life. This is a tough one, but I have learned to be thankful in the difficult circumstances my family has faced. Now, notice, I didn’t say I was thankful FOR them, but that I was thankful IN the difficult times.

Being thankful - IN THEM, allows God to use them for His greater good.

If we would all adopt an attitude of thanksgiving into our lives - our lives would be changed, and we would truly be successful, each day.

Now let’s look at SERVICE; As A Secret to Success

When you’re selfless, and constantly seeking to serve others, you will be successful.

You may have read the story of Professor Olagunju Ogunbiyi, a Medical Doctor that trended worldwide at the height of COVID-19 in 2020. Professor Ogunbiyi is a Nigerian Professor of Colorectal Surgery, Consultant Surgeon, a Professor at Royal Free Hospital in England who was infected with COVID-19. He ended up in the intensive care unit. The best doctors in England battled hard to save him, because, according to them he was irreplaceable. That is Service, the kind that leads to success. What are people saying about your service now?

The secret to Hapiness or success is Helping Others. Winston Churchill said, “We make a living by what we get; we make a life by what we give.

Serving others has Nothing to do with what you have, but more to do with what you do - Selfless acts for others.

Here’s my experience in life, when looking for who to use, God bypasses the adequate on His way to the home of the inadequate, because it’s never been about you and I. He that sends equips. Guess what, everyone is equipped but our assignments are different.

No wonder Zig Ziglar said, “You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want.” Service begins with you being faithful with what’s in your hand.

Motivation follows Action. Motivation (and passion) will follow you if you have the courage to go without them. Execution is action-based not thought-based.

The law of reciprocity sets in when you serve - That is success!

And now, you have my secret to success - GRATITUDE and SERVICE.




I am a certified John Maxwell Life/Business Coach, a Social Entrepreneur, Conference Speaker and an Author with 7 Published Books

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Oyawoye Olusoji

Oyawoye Olusoji

I am a certified John Maxwell Life/Business Coach, a Social Entrepreneur, Conference Speaker and an Author with 7 Published Books

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