You GLOW Girl!
Alya Béjaoui

Really great post on Desi Perkins, I too believe she’s one of the top dogs in the game right now! Besides her deadly Instagram game, one of the things I like about the way she promotes, features, and uses beauty products is the way she indicates why the products work for her specifically. Now when I say this I’m referring to the fact that when she promotes a foundation she talks about how well it works for her skin type which is what makes it so great. Coming from someone who’s worked at Sephora, I’ve personally seen how much trust consumers put into the recommendations made by these beauty gurus. The problem lies in the idea that consumers are buying these products simply becasue their favourite beauty guru said they loved it and it’s amazing. With this being said, the consumer isn’t taking into account whether or not the foundation would work for their skin type (i.e. oily/combination/dry skin, dewy/matte/natural finish) and I can’t say I blame them. If an expert told me something worked, I’d proably believe them to, no questions asked. Nevertheless, everyone’s skin is different and reacts differently under certain conditions, therefor makeup is made to last under those circumstances. The reason a foundation comes in multiple formulas is because it’s made to fit certain skin types. When customers buy into an influencers opinion on a product solely based on their love for it it can become problematic. As a beauty influencer I feel that you are not only there to inspire but to inform and teach. Which brings me back to Desi, I think the reason she is so good at what she does extends far beyond her skill and keen eye for artistry but her willingness to actually ensure her supporters take value from her content. Outside teaching application, she informs her supporters of the product knowledge behind the makeup she uses. This not only makes her honest and reputable, but instills the idea to all beauty lovers; makeup isn’t one size fits all. Beauty Influencers are there to guide, not demand so take the time to learn what works for you before using/buying what works for them!

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