Choose gratitude

I, E. Liu, choose gratitude instead of non-gratitude from this day onwards.

There comes a point when you have to tell yourself, enough. Last night I went there again…that very deep dark place where people call the “dark night of the soul”. I started weeping, I started complaining, I started regretting, I started remembering, I started feeling the tremendous loss that I have already overcome so much from. I felt depressed, “woe is me”, saddened, hopeless… I guess it really comes in big cycles if I am not careful with guarding my thoughts and feelings. I can really easily go to that place without any fight. Last night, I felt that the tormenting hands of the past and the darkness was grabbing me while I was running towards the glimpses of light in the tunnel.

The key to joy is gratitude. I am on this 40 day joy challenge which today it’s focus was in trusting that God has great plans for my life. If I keep on fixate my thoughts on thinking that I lost the greatest plan of my life, that of course will draw me to deep darkness. However, that is NOT the truth.

Don’t you hate the lies in your heads that bring you down? I have a lot of lies in my head constantly that I have to learn to fight off. It really is a battlefield of the mind.

Thankful that I can choose to not be in this dark place any time. I just have to choose to leave.

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