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Howdy Medium, I’ve decided to start a personal blog. I would like to preface this entire blog with the knowledge that I am not, nor have ever tried to be a creative writer. It’s one of the reasons I went into computer science rather than history. It’s always been like pulling teeth for me. I’d wonder while classmates were churning out pages and pages of creative writing in high school. I would sit in front of the paper and will my pencil to move forward at all. At the end of an hour, I’d still be agonizing over my first or second paragraph, while the future lawyers and free thinkers out there would be polishing of their 3rd or 4th page.

Truth. I heart Calvin & Hobbes

Going into engineering and network security with the Air Force after college forced me to write technical papers and countless documents, but never in a creative fashion. Then as a software engineer, straight-forward commenting, documentation, and technical documents seemed clear and easy to do.

Now as I’ve grown within engineering and in seniority, the specter of writing has come back in full. Whether its commenting on and/or writing product specifications, writing e-mails, building out process and documentation related to it, building out client-facing documentation, building presentations, or communicating with my team through writing; written communication has once again become one of the most important ways to do my job.

How can I continue to avoid it?

Why am I starting now?

Well #1 is that this is in my personal Q3 2016 OKRs and I’ve published those to my peers. But seriously, I’ve been thinking about this for the past few months and there seems to be a few good reasons to start. But first, let’s talk about what this isn’t before I get into what it is.

What this won’t be

  • Personal Marketing: I don’t like the thought of trying to create a personal external image as a goal. It won’t sustain my interest enough for me to stick to it.
  • Limited to work: While I love what I do and my thoughts will undoubtedly be flavored by my work. I’d like to explore more than just work-related topics.
  • A place to vent: While we all like to complain to the world once in a while, it’s better done into a pillow than on the internet, where your words live on and on and on…

What will this be about?

  1. Personal Growth: Practicing and building writing skills outside of technical writing. Improving the ability to share ideas, thoughts, through words to myself, and to others.
  2. Documentation of the Process: I’d love to understand 1 or 2 years from now how I feel today and be able to make more informed evaluations about decisions I’ve made in work and in life in general.
  3. Sharing Knowledge: More and more, I’d love to share any knowledge and ask for input as much as possible. One, I’d selfishly like to learn from anyone interested as much as possible, but I’d also hopefully be able to help others learn something as well.

Thanks Medium for the venue to write so easy!