Help. Get Me Out! I’m Stuck in the INTERNET!

Theres no foreseeable end to this long, dark tunnel we call the Internet. Every single day, new pieces are added to it, making it longer, and longer, and unimaginably longer. At some point in our lives, each and every one of us dropped into the tunnel. Although we were never told what to do, a part of our human consciousness gave us exactly one instruction:

Just keep walking.

And that was all we needed. Some of us, the lucky few, moved our way up the ranks into positions called the Content Creators. These people are the ones that just keep adding pieces to the tunnel, expanding it, so that the rest of us, the Content Consumers, could keep walking. But in the end, even the Content Creators just keep walking, wading deeper and deeper into the tunnel.

But why? What is at the end of this tunnel, that which we are all seemingly trying to get to?

Its not like we're all trapped in here. There are clearly marked exits for us to use, but very rarely do we see people leave the tunnel. Everyone is in the tunnel now. Theres no reason for us to go back outside. Humanity has moved in here now. Are there even people out there, who haven't seen the tunnel?

I don't know. But I think I'll just keep walking for now.
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