What is CUNYfirst? And the Problems People Face While the Account Registration Process

Jan 8 · 1 min read

Cunyfirst is an advanced data system that replaces eSims for educating students, organizing records, Jobs management, and benefits information for teachers and staff; and all the college business operations as well.

1. CUNYfirst plays a crucial role in transforming the university and promoting an integrated CUNY.

2. It’s a suite of software that replaces an aging computer system that oversees student administration, finance, and human resources, which has served CUNY for a generation.

3. CUNYfirst has been implemented in several stages over a period of about five years.

CUNYfirst represents a transformation process that affects how students, teachers, and staff experience business functions.

Follow These Tips for Easy Account Creation Without Facing Problems

Students face many common problems when creating their account. Some tips to help you create your account are:

1. Make sure to include slash between month, day, and year when you enter your date of birth and type the year in four digits.

2. Use uppercase letters for your first and last name.

3. It is better to use Mozilla Firefox than Internet Explorer.



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