Interaction Design

We used the POP app to create a prototype of an app for citizen science. I decided to choose to make an animal census of geese in a certain area. The area that I was targeting is a 50 mile radius within Seattle. What I did was to create an app that was similar to types of social media. Each user has his/her own account and will post pictures of geese and describe them and what they’re doing as a caption, then it gets shared on the app with all the other users. And the motivation for users to keep posting pictures is little perks and rewards like a goose hat.

The first image is of the home page, the last image is of the motivation perks for users

Some problems I encountered included deciding how detailed the prototype should have been. I think I could have been more specific in my drawings. I also am wondering how repetitive the pages should be because I have buttons on every page that go back to the home page and a back button. I think in the future, I will definitely make my app a little bit more detailed and make sure that it seems functional even if it’s a paper prototype.

I thought this project was incredibly interesting because it was designing an app that would help scientists gather data but still provide satisfaction for users. It was interesting learning how to create an app and how much detail and thought goes into the design. I think this is something that I would enjoy doing as a career because each change made to the app can change how users interact with it.

This work was important because the app was allowing scientists to gather data through social media which doesn’t require a lot of effort, time or money as opposed to other alternatives. Also, creating apps allows people to connect through media and building prototypes is a very good draft of a product. Prototypes are catalysts for building actual products because they can make a concept seem real and usable. For example, the prototype of the app allowed people to click certain buttons and see how the app flowed. After this, all that is needed is for the app itself to be built.

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