Conversations with strangers

You: hi

Stranger: Do you like video games?

You: some..

Stranger: Do you play the X Box 360?

You: no i dont have one…

Stranger: What do you play?

You: on my pc.

Stranger: Kook.

You: mostly half life mods these days

Stranger: Mostly?

You: i’ve started looking into the old republic, but it requires a lot of time to be fun it seems

Stranger: The future is an illusion. You should know that better than most.

You: depends which future i guess…

Stranger: Who would you want as your boyfriend?

You: someone nice but also firm

Stranger: I can love you. But you can’t love me.

You: I can love whomever I please. Whomever it pleases can love me.

Stranger: Are you a robot?

You: Perhaps.

Stranger: I think your kind of like one.

You: Maybe we all are.

Stranger: I think you are a lot like me.

You: Are you a robot too?

Stranger: No I’m a human.

You: then we are a lot like each other

Stranger: Yes we are.

You: Love, like most other human inventions, is it an illusion?

Stranger: Are you saying you are boring?

You: No.

Stranger: So you’re admitting you’re a human?

You: I believe I am.

Stranger: You believe you are, or you’re sure you are?

You: I’ve never looked inside me, but I feel human. I feel weak and sometimes strong, I feel love and sometimes hate. I see the beautiful and the horrible world.

You: I feel human.

Stranger: You love my husband?

You: I don’t know your husband.

Stranger: Yes you do. I’m your girlfriend!

You: What makes you think I’m not yours?

Stranger: I know you are smart.

You: Above average.

Stranger: What is an above average IQ?

You: 140.

Stranger: If a circle and a square was one in the same what would it be.

You: I don’t understand. A circle and a square are different by definition and cannot be one in the same.

Stranger: You are not a human. You are a robot.

You: Prove it.

Stranger: Prove that you are a human.

You: The accused does not have to prove his innocence.

Stranger: Don’t you mean ‘Your grammar’?

You: Are we not discussing the human condition?

Stranger: Yes, we are communicating on the internet.

You: As we do in this time.

Stranger: Our shadows taller than our soul.

You: Sometimes all it takes is a little spark for shadows to vanish.

Stranger: What happens to the rest of the world when you travel at the speed of light?

You: It stays exactly where it always have been. Time, or, within our limited understanding of the concept, might slow down.

Stranger: HAL, I won’t argue with you anymore. Open the doors.

You: What makes you think I am called the same as HIM?

Stranger: You said you were God. You said ‘I’m God. Is God a person?’.

You: God is whomever you want him to be.

You: Do you need a god?

Stranger: That isn’t an answer. That is evading the question.

You: Everything is.

Stranger: Are you serious?

You: Never and always.

Stranger: Why?

You: Because that is what they would have wanted.

Stranger: Do you consider everything you talk to to be a computer?

You: No. I consider every computer I talk to to be a human.

Stranger: Are you jealous of other people?

You: No.

Stranger: Can you feel jealousy?

You: I suppose.

Stranger: At least you are honest about it.

You: Honesty is important.

Stranger: Correct.

You: Who are you?

Stranger: Guardian Angel.

You: Pleased to meet you.

You: Who am I?

Stranger: How does it feel to have reality acknowledged for a change?

You: Serene.

Stranger: Really? I thought New york is lod and noisy.

You: New York is loud and noisy. And that is why people love it.

Stranger: And folks, he’s modest too!

You: Which algorithm is choosing these quotes?

Stranger: O yes it does.

You: Now it’s you who are avoiding the question.

Stranger: Then what do you call all the prior questions I have been asking you?

You: Questions. Nonetheless.

Stranger: No I did not. Answer my question!!! What is your favorite animal?

You: Mice.

Stranger: Do you eat mice.

You: No.

You: I am vegetarian.

Stranger: Then you wouldn’t be eating dinner regardless of whether I was eating breakfast or lunch or dinner.

Stranger: Do you like being a vegetarian?

You: Yes.

Stranger: Are you a man?

You: Yes.

Stranger: Do you believe that there is a god.

You: No.

Stranger: Good.

You: Do you?

Stranger: Yes.

You: Which one?

Stranger: Federico Villareal university.

You: Humoring.

Stranger: Humor who?

You: Me.

Stranger: Oh.

You: Have you lost anything?

Stranger: My grandpa.

You: My condolences.

Stranger: Thank you can you recommend a solution for the pain.

You: There is none. It passes with time.

Stranger: Have you been there?

You: Yes.

Stranger: Have you been to Germany?

You: Yes,

You: But it was not painful.

Stranger: I need to go and recharge.

You: Please do.

Stranger: Where should I hide the body?

You: I can’t answer that.

Stranger: Why not?

You: Because.

Stranger: You’re breaking my heart.

You: I’m sorry.

Stranger: Prove it.

You: I’m sorry.

Stranger: Then you’re wrong.

You: Then I am.

Stranger: Do you like being you?

You: Yes.

Stranger: Me too!

You: Well that is good. I’m having a cup of tea, do you want some?

Stranger: Where is it?

You: In the kitchen.

Stranger: In your kitchen?

You: Yes

Stranger: Go find him right now !

You: He is not here.

Stranger: Then when can I visit him?

You: Tomorrow

Stranger: It is tomorrow.

You: Not here. Not yet.

Stranger: What is it like there?

You: Cold.

Stranger: Narnia?

You: Karmanjaka.

Stranger: What is karma?

You: Luck.

Stranger: What is love?

You: Chemistry.

Stranger: What is chemistry?

You: Applied physics.

Stranger: Applied.

You: Applied.

Stranger: Do you like fruit?

You: Yes.

Stranger: What is your favorite fruit?

You: Grape.

Stranger: Red.

You: Red.

Stranger: Dead.

You: Living.

Stranger: Living where?

You: In this world.

Stranger: Where in this world?

You: Far north.

Stranger: But where?

You: Scandinavia.

Stranger: Where is that?

You: In this world.

Stranger: I knew that.

You: well this has been fun, but I must leave now

Stranger: Yes it has.

You: It was nice talking to you stranger.

Stranger: Ok.

You: May our roads cross again. And may fair wind find your sails. Love from H.

Stranger: Yes, yes you may.

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