We add a lot of features in minor versions.

Web Performance

The contributions in the webpack organizations increased a lot in the last time. This comes with new challenges.

webpack 4.6.0 adds support for prefetching (and preloading).

What‘s <link rel=”prefetch”>?

One of the breaking changes in webpack 4 is the behavior of import() when importing non-ESM (i. e. CommonJS modules).

  • (A) Source: non-ESM, transpiled-ESM or ESM
  • (B) Source: strict-ESM (mjs)
  • (1) Target: non-ESM

webpack adds a mode option. What does that mean?

  • Tooling for in browser debugging
  • Fast incremental compilation for a fast development cycle
  • Useful error messages at runtime

This guide targets plugin and loader authors

For loaders:

this.options and this.rootContext

HMR code

AST passing


What happend in webpack 3?

Stats validation

On demand loading of initial chunk

Why did I apply?





Tobias Koppers

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