Learning Javascript Application Programming Interface(API) Implementation

The bootcamp is getting challenging at the same time interesting. Today home session task was to develop a Command Line Interface (CLI) App that consumes data from a Public API.

The task was a bit challenging because this is the first time I would be working with the JavaScript API Library, but the project required it. I had to comb the web for the necessary information and tools.

My findings made realized that API is engine behind the interactivity of all different applications and devices. It is as if a messenger takes a request and tells the system what the request is and return with the response to the request. The request takes the form of HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) while the response can be in either XML or JSON. In essence, API makes development of web application easier.

At the end of day, I was able to develop a Command Line Interface (CLI) App that retrieves all the font available on google fonts using Superagent API Library and google Font API.

I believe I am now a better developer compared to before I joined the bootcamp.