The Reason Why I Started Blogging

“Life is short, the art long.”
- Hippocrates

Welcome to my first blog post, everyone!

My name is Anna, and I am an Illustration student in OCAD University. I was born in Ukraine, but moved to Canada in July 2012 — and this is where my Art Journey truly began!

I always wanted to be a part of art community — my plans were to either attend a singing or acting academy back home, and I could’ve never imagined myself as an artist of a different kind. Well, here I am — doing illustrations, paintings and designs for myself and others! J

I truly love art in all its forms, and this is what inspired me to start blogging. I love art — and I want to share my views on it with all of you interested. I hope to be posting information that will provide you with some awesome info about artists, techniques and cool stories.

Thank you to all of those who were there for me since the beginning of my journey, and to all of those who will join me on the way!

Other than that, have great a great summer everyone,

And I’ll talk to you soon ;)

-Sokyrka A.

The Photograph of me above was taken by a Toronto based photographer -Maksym P’yatnochka.

Feel free to browse my website full of artworks and photography :)