Solsphere NFT — The Future Of The Solana Metaverse

The Overall Concept

As we continue down the path of an ever increasing digital world we’ve seen that we’re spending more and more time working on, developing and interacting using our digital personas. Enter Solsphere. A digital metaverse utilizing the Solana blockchain for in game transactions and token verification Solana is a smart contract platform with low fees and fast transaction times built by Anatoly Yakovenko.

In its basic essence Solsphere is a digital metaverse of plots of land that can be owned by minting and owning an NFT called SolGems. These SolGems are individuals passport to owning land in Solsphere. All SolGems artworks are hand drawn, algorithmically attributed and will be unique. SolGems have different attributes that directly relate to the utility in the Solsphere metaverse.

Until the land of Solsphere is publicly released to SolGems holders, most transaction royalties will be distributed among holders. SolGems have a built in “Hold Timer” into the smart contract, counting the number of days the NFT has been held in a certain wallet without being transferred or sold. The longer an owner owns the Solgem in their wallet, the longer the timer runs and the larger the portion of the royalties they will receive. Once a SolGem is sold or transfered the timer restarts at zero. Snapshots will be taken at a random day/time every several days and royalties will be distributed in weighted fashion to the SolGem holders with the longest to shortest “hold timer”. This functionality will be turned on at a later point in time after original mint date, in order to set up the distribution system & gauge live transactions.

Owning a SolGem NFT in your Solana based wallet is required to unlock and own certain plots of land within the Solsphere game map. Once unlocked, the land ownership is verified on the blockchain, and the “Smart Deed” is tied to the original SolGem NFT. If a SolGem is sold, so transfers the corresponding plot of Solsphere land associated with it.

Digital Land With Utility

Artists Early Vision Rendering Of Solsphere — Subject To Change

While users hold Solsphere land and their SolGem in their Solana based wallets, monthly snapshots are taken of the users wallet addresses. Wallet addresses are awarded Utility Resources by airdrop to be used in building improvements on their plot of Solsphere land. Utility Resources can be traded or sold among users as needed. Utility Resources can be fused with each other to create Solsphere land improvements. A guide on fusion and improvements will be released after mint date and before Solsphere is unlocked. Land improvements can be placed onto plots to gain influence points. Each improvement awards a certain number of influence points to the plot owner within a certain category. The influence categories influence the development of Solsphere and are as follows:

Influence Categories:

  • Culture
  • Community
  • Infrastructure/Housing
  • Energy/Innovation
  • Food/Sustenance

As an individual plot owner improves their land, their influence within Solsphere also increases. Snapshots will be taken monthly to rank individual plot owners within the community. Members ranking in the top percentile of each influence category will receive special benefits airdropped into their wallets.

Benefits can include but are not limited to:

  • Royalty fee sharing
  • Extra Improvement Elements or Utility Resources
  • Unique NFT’s from other collaborations & more..

The basis behind Solsphere and the SolGems is to curate an active, healthy and lively community, while rewarding its members with purposely scarce unique digital elements of an online metaverse.

NFT Minting — SolGems

SolGems are the main and only mintable characters in Solsphere. There won’t be any other characters minted or airdropped. 1 SolGem gets you access to 1 plot of land in Solsphere. SolGems attributes and rarities will play a roll in determining the utility resource potential of the plot of land. The more rare your SolGem, the better utility you can derive from the Solsphere plot. However, SolGem rarity does not have a 1 to 1 correlation with a more useful plot of land.


The game will be played in the web browser. Map view will be the main default view. From space, looking down onto the map so you can see improvements borders etc. Zooming in and out will be available.

Gameplay speed will be set at a mediocre pace to allow for individuals to have daily lives and take care of and improve upon their Solsphere plot with only a few adjustments per day. Think turn based strategy game, but without the turns.

Gameplay controls will be via mouse clicks, finger taps, scrolls and swipes.

Wallet integration into the game is essential and the way a user logs into the game.

Land Improvements & Utility

Solsphere Land Improvements — Initial Mockups Subject To Change

Land Improvements are unique hand drawn artistics elements and will benefit the Solsphere plot owner by adding Influence Points as well as visually desirable artistic attributes. Land Improvements are created by fusing Utility Resources airdropped into Solsphere plot owners wallets. Users will have the opportunity to add value to any plot of Solsphere land, no matter the rarity of their SolGem using smart combination strategies, trading in the free market p2p, as well as participating in community giveaways. Although rarer SolGems unlock higher utility Solsphere plots, a basic SolGem can still produce plenty of Utility Resources for its owner using the strategies above.

Community Ranking

Within Solsphere, Influence Categories play a major role in the ranking of individual plot owners. Periodic snapshots will place the highest ranked plot owners into an exclusive order of “Category Influencer”.

Category Influencers will:

  • Receive special airdrops
  • Have access to exclusive discord channels
  • Periodically receive a portion of royalty sharing

Category Influencers hold their role for the period from when the initial snapshot is taken, until the next snapshot in several days or weeks later perpetuety. The exact date and time of the snapshot is kept hidden to mitigate gaming of the system. Category Influencers are determined by ranking in the highest percentile of all Solsphere landowners within their respective Influence Categories.

For example: A plot owner with multiple improvements built in the “Infrastructure” category would attain the most points in that category and at the time of the snapshot become eligible for Infrastructure Influencer status. Influence Categories can and will have multiple influencers, never just one individual.

Further Development & Future

At Solsphere we believe that community will help drive development forward. As NFT holders interact with the game and get acquainted with each other, the community will decide on many aspects of the future of the game. There will be basic rules and a code of conduct to keep respectful communication and collaboration within the Solsphere community.

Solsphere’s interaction engine is built in a way to deter overly negative or destructive conduct. As Solspherians our mission is to raise the tide and the value of the entire community thereby lifting each other up. We are only as weak as our weakest link!

As development progresses, please join our discord for the latest updates about the community and overall build status.



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