Questions all Jeremy Corbyn supporters need to answer
Owen Jones

I have a lot of sympathy for the difficult position you find yourself in now, indeed I find myself in an existential crisis not dissimilar to that of the Labour Party at present. I don’t know that posting these questions will help your cause, more people convinced that the current path is not the right one may well doom the Labour Party further, however, I thank you for your honesty. If we are on the wrong path then I ask what the right path is?Surely it can’t be Owen Smith that is the solution for the Labour Party’s problems. At present however that is the only alternative being given. In this light, Corbyn is the only and therefore best path to saving the left, Labour, and the country.

9 months ago when you were asked why you would not be joining Corbyn’s team you responded by saying that Corbyn needed a left-wing commentator in a sea of hostility. If you really do want to see your principals put into action and will do whatever you can, sacrifice your popularity for the sake of the left (as you put it in your article), and are now it would appear a critic of Corbyn’s Labour, would it not make sense to be fighting from the inside to fix this mess, rather than offering these criticisms from outside? Please consider entering the fray to save the left. Do not simply spend your time worrying and asking these questions, commit your time as so many of us are on the left right now, to finding answers to these questions. You are in the unique position of being able to not just ask these questions of a wide audience, but answer them and put into action those answers.

Comradely regards,


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