Four Key Reasons You Should Consider Buying a Bespoke Kitchens

Bespoke kitchens are frequently more expensive than standard kitchens, but we feel — and many agree — that the reason for this are the many advantages afforded by installing a bespoke kitchen. Below, we are going to look at four key reasons why you should consider installing a bespoke, as opposed to generic, kitchen.

Clearly, the biggest advantage with bespoke kitchens, and the reason that most people that chose the option do so, is that you can create the kitchen with your individual taste and style. When you buy a generic kitchen, you are much more controlled by the ideas of the designer, and this is someone that you’ve never met. There’s no way that they can convey your personality in their designs, but if you choose to work with a bespoke kitchen designer, you have a lot of input, and you certainly will be able to leave your mark.

In this way, you help to create the kitchen of your dreams. Sure, it will be expensive, and this can leave some people feeling resentful, but as long as you don’t succumb to that, you’ll love spending time in your kitchen.

Closely associated with the above, you have the advantage of greater functionality. There are two key reasons why bespoke kitchen are more functional than generic kitchens:

1. You can tell the designer exactly what you want in your kitchen. With generic ones, the designers simply cater for the average, so everyone ends up with a kitchen that’s slightly off from what they want.

2. The designer can tailor the kitchen to the space. This means that it makes logical and full use of all the space in the kitchen. For example, if there’s an unusual nook or cranny, they can create things that work with it.

Creating a kitchen that matches your exact needs feels amazing. It’s another reason why you’ll want to spend time in your kitchen.

Cost Control
Right, so a bespoke kitchen will cost you around £15K — although for bespoke kitchens London, add another 5K. That’s a lot of money, so in what way can you possibly cost control? Well, there are several:

1. You don’t have to complete the task all at once. You can update some parts of the kitchen, then save up, and replace the kitchen slowly.

2. You do have full control over the materials and appliances used. If you think the designer is using options that are too expensive, you simply instruct them to use a lower grade. If you’re savvy, you can reduce the costs by as much as 50%, so it’s well worth discussing optionswith the designer, especially for bespoke kitchens London.

Quality Installation
Finally, the quality of the installation is superior to the generic kitchens. Again, there are several reasons for this:

1. Bespoke kitchen designers tailor the kitchen to the space, therefore it fits better. 
2. The designers and installers are often better qualified than those that fit generic kitchens. 
3. They have more of a stake in maintaining their reputations, so bespoke designer work that little bit harder.

Clearly, the latter two points are generalisation, and we don’t want to insult anyone who’s great at their job, it’s just as an industry-wide standard that tends to be the case.