Buy, own, rent out & earn. What do Solamids stand for?

Everybody needs a place to live. Birdz, Nauts, Bulls, Sharks and punk faces, too! If we want to make it, we need to have a happy home where we can go after work in the metaverse ecosystem, meet our loved ones & if we have entrepreneurial taste — to monetize our property. Are you wondering what residence is the best for your needs and future gains? Meet Solamids.

What is a Solamids project

We are building. We are Real Estate developers in the Solana Metaverse. We aim to build a safe place for everyone who wants to book his place in the virtual reality where the whole world is heading right now.

Solamids project represents a unique building with 21 floors that is being prepared to be implemented as a significant place in the Solana Metaverse. Total amount of 4914 Solamids, ranging from 20m2 to 78m2 will be offered to find a new owner and get connected to the Metaverse for good.


Every Real Estate developer needs partners. We divide partners into 2 categories. First of them are partners to the Solamids building (pyramid).

Each floor will have a partnered NFT collection that can be perceived as a patron to the specific floor and also advisor to the Solamids project itself. Every Solamid in the partnered floor will be marked with the partnered collection's logo and owners of the Solamids will be able to claim rewards depending on will of the partnered collection.

Second partner is a Solana Metaverse developer. In order to enable a sustainable use of the Solamids we decided to form a breaking deal with a Metaverse builders in the Solana Ecosystem and the Solamids building will be implemented into the incipient Metaverse with all perks that economy in Metaverse offers and will offer in the near future. The accurate conditions of the partnership will be shared in the next post and on the social media.

Buy, own, earn

Owning a Solamid ensures the same possibilities of monetization compared owning Real Estate in real life. Acquire an apartment, be a proud owner and prepare to earn.

Implementation of the Solamids into Metaverse will enable owners to:

a) upgrade a Solamid with furniture, parking lots and other valuable upgrades that will increase the value of the property

b) rent out a Solamid up to 5 people that will pay a rent to the owner to have a safe place to stay in the Solana Metaverse

c) forever rewards and discount in the incipient Solana Metaverse (more to be introduced in the next posts)

d) to have access into the presale of the Solana Metaverse (more info TBA)

Solamids project comes with its own rarity system. Each Solamid is unique, but don’t be mistaken — Solamids are more than collectibles. Solamids are your safe places in Metaverse.

Solamids' rarities

Solamids rarity system uses 24 attributes with a wide variety of values. Every single attribute value has been visualized so there is a 1:1 relation between the Solamid image and Solamid attributes. The rarity system allows 166,687,254,513,561,600 of unique Solamids — what a shame the Solamids project uses only 4,914 of them. The rarity system is described in detail in its own document and you can view it here.


Every building needs management. Pyramid (Solamids building) is not different. By owning a Solamid you hold a right to enter DAO and Suggest proposals for voting to Solamids Proprietors.

By holding 5 or more Solamids, the owner gets a Solamids Proprietor role and also an access to a restricted space with the devs and can vote, suggest proposals and influence directly the next steps of the Solamids. The results of the Solamids Proprietors voting are binding and Devs need to act accordingly.

Owning a Solamid opens countless possibilities to monetize your property in the Solana Metaverse. Virtual Economy awaits. Book your space & prepare to monetize your assets.

Number of Solamids in each floor

  • 21 Floors
  • The last floor 54 Solamids
  • Each lower floor 18 Solamids more than the higher floor

Feels exciting? Take our hand and let your virtual dream begin. Welcome to Solamids.

Used terms:

Solamids project = covers the project in general
Solamid = 1 of 4914 Solamids
Solamids = All 4914 apartments
Pyramid = Solamids building

Destined for Metaverse

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Destined for Metaverse

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